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There is nothing quite like finding an old classic game of your past, spending a bunch of time fixing and cleaning it, and then gaming like a fiend when it all comes back to life. It’s like polishing an ancient genie lamp - just the right incantations and soothings will bring you great wishes.

Once you feel the raster hum and the leaf-switch spring again (or the flippers!) ..forget it! Start looking for some more space because you will want more. Average about 300 pounds, 400 USD, and about 3 Amps for each of these games. Expect too that a lot of people will say "cooool" after you get one. Expect a lot of smiles after all as well. Games are Fun.

Complete. Working. Game.

~ JUL 2018  One day at a time. Hi. My name is Steve and these are my games. I've been collecting this arcade since 2006, storing safely now many places and working complete restorations as fast as my 2 hands and spaces allow. It wasn't too hard to gather these pieces when I started (sincere inspirations, a good back and a truck)  --what's been difficult is holding on to it as a collection, which I deem intrinsically more valuable (eg, the Cinematronics row, or the Exidy row, or the Atari vectors). Classy perfect nostalgia that's all still ready working clean gaming fun.
     Apologies as we make to get this recent SQL problem remedied and get the store back for you, as we have more variety of items to help you restore your classic game. We still have new screened Frenzy glass marquees, new Hydra marquees, new metal brackets, and 1930s pinball legs (and brackets)! Please check back as this store regrows with new goodness! Also a man unto himself, my webmaster friend who built this awesome site and helped me --literally materialize-- vectorized scans of 1980 gradients, my old friend has moved distant and, like me, must put life and living forefront. Priorities. These same -very home made- efforts here are actually, ultimately, yours.  Time. 
Please don't hesitate with the good ol' phone and call! Like standing up and putting an honest-earned quarter in the slot, you will connect! 

Games (on)ward!

~ 2017

~ JUL 2016: One good solder joint at-a-time ...
Restoration is a labor of patience. It takes years to find games and parts. It takes time to repair it correctly. All war-wounded original games here: just as the lock bar on Quantum #140, the 50,000 coin chute wear and cigarette burns on the yellow Computer Space are priceless.

~ NOV 2015: New games just in gathering attentions, shifting around spaces and making good use of the Tundra-Featherlite! Williams Williams Williams games are on the bench lately: restoring 2 for sale as I finish service on a friend's Defender, eventually launching into the JROK multi cabinet project now pieced together with the newly-minted control panels from boulderarcadefactory. Simultaneously working on 2 Joust games and the System 7 pins. So too, many parts for sale to get on this site! Call us! Yes, there are games for sale!

~ JAN 2015: Whew! Working from PCBs to playfields to t-molding to screen printing to metal-fabrication to carpentry to moving no sleeping all to play! Lots of games in project phase - fixing many simultaneously. We are also working on the current database and polishing up the website for you. 

What good is all this restoration if you can't come and enjoy the games the way they were meant to be played? We are seeking a nice space for this collection to be available to the public so you can come and enjoy all the games in person. 

Game(s) On!

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